Thursday, November 25, 2004

Happy Thanksgiving Posted by Hello

Monday, November 22, 2004

Ungrateful Wenches

Today was my last day at my old location, and I got shit. I worked hard for 16 months helping the sales asses get in expensive merchandise, sized their fucking watches, and shed blood for them and they didn't even acknowledge at all the fact that I was leaving. They have no idea how much I was worth to them!! So tomorrow is a new day and new place, I'm in the big leagues now, I get a badge with my picture on it, aren't I special. I love the look of badges, is so much more important looking than a name tag, hated those, might as well have said 'please bother me' on it instead of my name. Have to thank my friends the Cookster and Scheki for getting me addicted to yarn again. We made the rounds this weekend to some really awesome yarn stores and its so refreshing to shop there with 1. people your own age, and 2.people with good taste. I had a lot of fun hanging out, does that make me sound like a geek. I was never a cool person in high school, but for some reason I'm kind of cool in the knitting circles, when did that happen??? I had a really nice and normal potential roomie come by on Saturday, even got the place relatively clean in time, unfortunately it's not close enough to her boyfriends house, bummer. Made some really pretty and cool looking stitch markers (its a knitting thing) at the beadstore with the Cookster on Saturday. I really really like them, I think I would like to sell them at this new yarn store that opened up. I'm trying to challenge myself to actually follow through with these ideas I get instead of just getting lazy, the worst they can say is no, but they are soooo much prettier than the other ones I've seen out there!!! I'm really hungry, have no food, and really need some new conditioner because the stuff I bought last week, I wanted to try something new, sucks, it doesn't help the tangles and smells like Old Spice. (which I kind of like on a guy, but not in my hair!) Maybe I'll order a pizza since to celebrate my transfer. Did I say they underpay me??? Well they do.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

My Cat Piewacket

I just moved my refrigerator to clean behind it and found 17 hairbands (those really nice ones that don't have a seam and come in a dark brown color, Scuncii is the brand I think) that my cat Piewacket likes to play with. She is so fascinated by them that if I have my hair in a pony tail, she will sit behind me on the sofa and try to pull them out of my hair.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Hey, I Was on Vacation

As a good friend pointed out, it has been a week since I posted a bitchfest, but hey, I have been very busy! It has been a very productive week. In one week a friend a job interview, almost finished a project, drove to Detroit/Toledo, bought yarn, went to a class (now I really want to knit an Estonian lace scarf, go figure), trashed my house, (the packing for said trip was very rapid and very messy), found another potential roommate, and have almost transferred out of my detested job. Stange thing, my boss has been continuously nice to me, no yelling/bitching since the night of the election, I wonder when she tells the staff that I'm leaving if they will do anything special for me. Somewhere, deep down inside, I will actually miss them, and they certainly will be shit out of luck without me, hehehe, after I transfer I'll have to start a counter on how many times they call me at the new location. They better do something nice for. The old ass. manager(who was only there for less than 4 months) is getting a tiny pair of diamond studs, we'll see. The trip to Detroit was fun and relaxing, is so nice to go on weekend trips with friends, especially after the last two weeks, I was able to just go with the flow and relax, ahhhhh.(free room and board is also quiet nice :)) God, I'm so addicted to yarn right now, more so than coffee I think, I can choose what I want to do next, knit or make coffee.....

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Oh Happy Day

Ever have one of those minutes where you realize life is good? Right now, this very moment, I'm having one. Making dinner right now, the cuisine is curry chicken on rice. I didn't have coconut milk so I'm making due with a couple of little half and half creamers (2% just doesn't work the same) that my friend deposited in my fridge the last time she was here. I just realized that a splash of my coconut soda, compliments of the little Mexican grocery store around the corner, will give it that badly need coconut taste, aren't I handy? Coconut soda for beverage and a little of halva to munch on for desert, yum. I just found out via e-email that a nifty little knitting tip I sent in to a book is going to be published!! So everyone out there go buy a copy of Stitch Nation by Debbie Stoller and you will find my tip on homemade yarn bras (no not bras made of yarn, but little nets you put over your balls of yarn) will be in there. Hey, anything for a free book right? Had a good day today, think I helped my friend get a weekend holiday job, yea for me!! which in turned helped the friend needing to fill the position. Network, network, network, it's always good to know people out there, you pat my back, I'll pat yours right? It's kind of weird at work, I think my boss knows I'm leaving, and for some reason it's making it more pleasant this week. I'm sure she feels a little betrayed, it doesn't look good for the star manager of the company have an employee ask for a transfer out. But the timing couldn't be better for me and for the big store, especially right before the holiday season. Bought the cat food, finally, couldn't get to the pet store for a couple of days and had to feed her some of the dogs food, which was ok since she ate our of the dogs bowl anyway. The dog has a bunch of new peanut butter flavored rawhides and a new festive holiday ribbon collar with bells on it, now I can keep track of her when I let her out to do her business. Yee!! Oh, foods up. Ciao!

Monday, November 08, 2004

Out Damn Spot!

Why do people use soap? Every since the invention of body wash I've wondered why people still use those nasty bars of soap. Not I don't mean the really nice triple-milled french stuff or the really nice and translucent glycerin, but good ole Ivory and Dial. I finally got the bathtub clean. I never notice how much soap scum there was, it was so subtle. My cheap-ass old roomie would go to the mexican grocery store down the street and buy bars of Dial soap by the dozens and he would go through them faster than I would a bottle of body wash! The problem is soap scum is so foamy it clings to the side of the tub and takes on that nasty grey tinge, and it doesn't help that the creator of the filth doesn't care to scrub it clean, I haven't taken an old fashion bath in a year! It would be kind of gross to take a bath in a tube whose cleanliness was questionable. So now I am proud to say, after several goes at it, the tub is shiny white and squeaky clean!!! Had a job interview at our flagship store on saturday, went well I think. If they want me to transfer it would probably be within two weeks. I just hope there is at least a little increase in my pay since it is a lateral move within the company, 7 times the volume and more responsibility, but you know how companies are, they'll try to get everything for near to nothing, I certainly know they already underpaid me as it is. Good news is I wouldn't have to commute by car anymore, hated that. The train is really close and only a 16 minute or so ride. I figured the cost of one month of train rides is the same as one month of gas. The upside is of course that I will get a little bit more exercise, just a little bit. Funny thing about my train ride on saturday to the store. The train was crowded so I had to share a bench with this lady and she was reading this book written by Rudolph Steiner. I noticed this and turned to her and asked if she knew a lot about him, she said yes. I then asked her if she knew who Novalis was, she answered yes to this too. So I promptly told her that Rudolph Steiner believed that Novalis was reincarnated as my GGG-grandmother. I think she was stunned. It is true. Kind of weird. So that's it today.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Food or No Food, That is the Question

Ever get to that point where it's past your feeding time, you're ravenous, and because you're ravenous you're tired and lazy, which just makes you even more hungry so you sit and think, and hours have gone by and you still haven't eaten? That's me, but the problem is I don't want to go out and get food, not in the Micky D's mood, it's too late to order pizza, not in the greasy mood, guess I could have breakfast for dinner. Nothing wrong with an english muffin, yogurt and coffee I guess. I certainly won't waste away if I didn't eat. Had potential roomie come by today. He's really cooooool, laid back, into yoga, is a chef, looks and acts older than his 23 years, is responsible, I did mention he had a job, wasn't shocked by the size of the room, was happy with the laundry machine and is way too intelligent. I think he'll work out great if he agrees to the place. When we were talking on the phone he asked me if I knew anything about the ipod, which I do since I own one. (and love it!!) He said he was having trouble with the one his mother's boyfriend sent him to program for him. Apparently the in thing now among the Brits is to go in with a few friends and buy a ski chalet in France and send laptops and Ipods to your girlfriends son in Chicago to program because you're a complete idiot. I think I like his friends connections, this might be a good thing. It's actually quite nice that he works a lot and at night, when my schedule is the complete opposite, we would hardly ever see each other, it's like having your own place!! I have good vibes about this. So my mood is good.

The Swing of the Pendulum is Up

My mood is good right now, yea it's rainy out, my place is a mess....on the upside, I have a potential roomie coming over in a couple of hours and he sounds cool, and I have a job interview on Saturday. Things are looking good, but my vision is not clear. See, I've been told I won't be able to see clearly for the next four years until we get that evilness out of the white house. Out damn spot, out I say! It's really sad, I saw this newspaper from Europe and the coverpage was all black with two small words in white in the center, Oh, God! Great, now everyone hates us. Bleeee I can't believe we lost by less than 3,5oo,ooo votes, that's less than the number of people that voted in Hawaii. We should go away with the electorial college, it's out dated. Grrrr. Well of to clean, need to eat something, and just chill.

Rain washes everything new. Posted by Hello

Ho Hum

Wanna hear something dirty? I just caulked my bathroom. I've always thought that the word caulked sounded kinky and dirty, and I just did it in my bathroom!! Really though it's just one of those maintenance things I like to do even though it's really my landlords duty. It's like playing house, without owning it. Lots of stuff happened at work. When I first got in my boss and I went for coffee and talked for several hours about 'my concerns'. I think we came to a neutral understanding on things, I still think she's full of shit. I did get a call much later after she left from a managerial type person at our largest store wanting to bring me in for an interview for a position they might have opening up....we'll see. ( hope it pays better, I should ask for 50 cents more, play hardball) I get this perverse sense of glee knowing and hoping that when I leave a job that the company will be screwed without me. It's kind of my way of saying, ya should have valued me more earlier, suckers! I'm still not going to give up on a new professional all together though. I have tomorrow (or today because it's a.m. now) to send out some resumes and look around for. Had food and drinks afterward with best bud, that was relaxing and cool. Every once in awhile while I'm in the middle of doing something or at some event I stop and think, wow this is a memory in the making, like I can literally feel my brain making a metal snapshot and years later I'll be thinking, how cool, and, where did the time go? It's raining out, I think I'll crack open the window, sleep on the couch again, sure will sleep well after I pop a couple of Tylenol PM's.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

What we have to look forward to for the next four years! Posted by Hello

It Started Off Good, But....

My day started of good. I did my duty, got up showered, voted, went to work. Even at work I was in a fairly decent mood, my co-workers even noted that. It helped that HomeDepot contacted me and said when I replace my jeans and shoes I should send them the receipt. But I bitched saying I have to pay to replace them and then wait for weeks for a check? Ah no. I told the guy (apparently he's there only to smooth out customers complaitns and problems, that don't speak good for a company I think) I gave him the exact numbers $110 for the shoes and $54 for the jeans, plus tax. So he's going to send me a form to fill out and voila! my troubles are gone, or so I thought. My boss is a bitch and I hate her. I don't respect people who are two-faced, lie and then change the order of events to suit her side, and that's what she does all the time. I hate working with her, and I'm tired of being the one she takes her angry out on, that's the worst. When your own co-workers ask you why she's so mean to you, you know it's real and not something you're ever reacting too. So I snapped and told her I couldn't do this anymore. I got her bosses number, when to a friends house and let hem have it. But I have this bad feeling nothings going to change. I did ask for a transfer to our main store, I may hat my job but at least I wouldn't have to work with her. You know how some people are just better at verbal fights, that they are really good at twisting facts and making their side sound better, that's the type of person she is, I hate that! Maybe I should just quit. They don't care about me anyway, and are blind to what an asset I am to the company, that sucks the most when you come to that realization. Ugg. So that made the election party I went to all the worse. And w lost that too. There are a lot of stupid people out there!! Don't I sound so angry. I'm not an angry person. I told my bosses boss that the job and her have made me this bitchy angry person!

Monday, November 01, 2004

Dansko Professional clogs, I think I would like this finish on my new pair. Posted by Hello

Tommy Hilfiger jeans, just wish I looked this good in them. Posted by Hello

My Ass is Chapped

Ouch! My ass aches and is sore from all the ass kissing by Home Depot. I think I'm getting a sadistic kind of glee from this whole experience. It's almost fun to be done wrong and make them jump through hoops for their negligence. I can see how lawsuits over the stupidest things get out of hand, but I say hey, I have paint on my most favorite jeans and shoes, and they're just not fit for wear! Take that you corporate money hungry pigs!! When I came home from work and teaching my class tonight there were to very appolgetic messages from the HD, saying they would pay for cleaning, fixing or even replacing my soiled duds. YEE HAW!! Just can't wait till Italk to them tomorrow. Now I was very good on the phone today with the manager. I wasn't all screaming, pissy, I'm gonna sue ya Bitch! More the strong, assertive, you've done me wrong now pay up and remedy the situation tone of voice. Ha! So I've decided to definitely replace the jeans with the exact same style, which will require a trip to Macy's, except I just checked and there are non in Illinois! Ugh. Online order I think. The shoes, I admit I will not get the same color and finish, I'll just cover the white paint with black paint (I'm very handy) and get something new. What a coincidence, I was just at Alamo shoes on the far north side of Chicago with a friend looking at clogs. Can't wait to see how this will get resolved, and NO I will not be taking a company check to be mailed out and received in 8-10 weeks like I'm sure they will want to do. And yes, a letter to the corporate office will be going out by the end of the week. Guess they shouldn't have messed with me while I was PMSing!