Friday, May 19, 2006

Misslunablu's Real Blue

I took a mental health day today, something I've been needing for the past week. It was the first time I didn't feel guilty for not being at work. My knitdrive has been broken for awhile but I think I fixed it and now I'm producing again. The next month and a half are going to be quite rocky for me, so if my blogging stops for a while that's why. I've tried to keep the writing to the knit in my life, but I find that the desire to bitch about work has come up again, so I'll just let a little out and let it be. My Operations Manager has resigned, things have gotten so bad that she's leaving and doesn't even have another job lined up. My co-worker who works with the merchanidise was offer the job (she didn't take it) instead of me, who works with the operations (a logical selection you would think), but I guess speaking up and asking questions that need to be asked but no one wants to address has labeled me a trouble maker. Basically if I were paid alot more it would be so much easier to turn my eyes form all the crap I see, but they don't so I speak up. It's ok though, I've lined up a temp agency so I can just get out of there. I am not a happy person right now and I feel sorry for my friends for seeing me like this, but I'm trying hard, looking at my choices, have a great friend to talk to, so I feel that things hard looking better, it's just going to be awhile.


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