Thursday, December 30, 2004

What Happened to Peanuts?

Traveling takes sacrifice. Why don't the people you're visiting understand that? It takes money, off time from work and airfare plus expenses while on the road, and energy. I don't think my family really understands what it takes for me to visit them every year at the holidays, well at least the weather has been rainy, foggy and down right gloomy, ahhh, my favorite way to relax! So the day before, wednesday, I worked from 8 to what I thought was going to be 4:30, but was pressure by my boss to finish a project that wasn't mine to do and that kept me there until almost 6, went home, packed up the animals, registered my I-Pass so I could sail through the tolls and got to my uncle/animal sister's house. Did the usual required visit, hug, hug, he opened gift, which was a nice silk Tommy Bahama shirt that sells fro 100 and I got for 35.00, called local friend and buddy and left. While on the way to meet up with friend she got sick, hanging out got cancelled and I made a visit to my buddy, Long John Silvers, I love their chicken and the crunchy things on the bottom. So I got home around 9, which isn't bad I must say. Did laundry, packed suitcase, and even was able to catch four hours of sleep. My plane left at 7:48, which ment I had to be at the airport at 6:15, which means I had to leave at 5:30 to catch the train, which means I was up at 5!!!! Yuck. But heh, I got to the airport on time if not a little late, no big deal for such a ealy flight, picked up a grande 2% peppermint mocha from Starbucks. The Starbucks at the airport is the only place I can find their turkey pesto sandwich with cranberries, Yum! Well my plane was delayed about 45 minutes due to the fog, so I hung out playing Sims2 on my computer, a group of business people next to me were intrigued, then I turned to some knitting and a lady my age with a cute fake babydoll looking baby stopped to chat, it's the knititng thing. If you're a knitter it's like joining an instant family, you have no probably talking to strangers about yarn and needles, it's really refreshing. So that was nice too. The plane was small, one of those 2/2 seaters, it was half empty which gave me plenty of room to stretch out, by the time I ate my sandwich it was warm, yuk, and the way they crappily slice the bread made the filling keep falling out which is uber messy, so I gave up that venture and settle for a cup of gingerale and nasty cheddar crackers they handed out. What happened to peanuts??? They so good! Heck, now I'd even settle for pretzles, but they didn't have those either. So I got to Little Rock OK, went straight to the Starbucks again, more coffee please (traveling is tiring!) There was this captain in front of me that the coffee girl was asking him where he was going next, he said Columbus Ohio then Key West, she in her infinite wisdom and education asked, "is that were all the floods are?" So the pilot and I looked at each other then I said to the girl, uh no, that's Indonesia. Welcome to Arkansas!

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

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The Chicken Curry Addiction of a Cell Phone Virgin

What is it with my chicken curry addiction? I make it at home so I have no real idea of what it is supposed to taste like, but ummm Yummy! I have perfected my jasmine rice recipe and can make it sticky without burning in a cheap Ikea saucepan. This time I was bold and bought a can of coconut milk, why not neccessay (regular milk has work ok for me) it did add a nice creamy taste to it, yummmm, a tall glass of ice cold Dr. Pepper and it's nirvana. Ah yes, my big announcement, I have finally gotten a cell phone!! I was impressed with a friends FREE flip phone with color screen and picture taking abbilities and was suitably pissed off at SBC that it was the last straw. So sometime next week I will join the rest of the world and go cellular, I woner how long it will take to switch my number over? I'm so glad we can do that now. I, doing can't wait to send pics to the grandma, she will be so surprised, plus I figured when I fly out on the holidays it would be nice to call the loved ones as my plane goes down, morbid but true! Work is going ok, doing shitloads of over time, it feeds my various habits, yarn, ikea furniture and jewelry. In one week of 10 hours of over time I can get the beautiful bracelet that I want guilt free. Had lots of fun yesterday not having to work, did some last minute xmas shopping and made a kickass pot of chili for a couple of knitting friends that came over before our SnB meeting. Good food, good friends, good knitting, what else is there???

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Just Call Me Dancin' Queen

Had an OK weekend considering I had to be at work at 8 in the morning on a Sunday. I miss a regular schedule, hell, when I woke up this morning I was pissed that my Today show wasn't on, then I remembered it was the weekend, ugh. Saturday was fun, this new early morning waking up thing has programmed my body to wake up instead of sleeping in. Still, saturday was fun, did the obligatory run to Target for stuff, my meds and cute socks, ran to the dry-cleaners to pick all my black work skirts, over to the lys (local yarn store for you non-knitters), did some networking (might be selling some stuff there and teaching more classes) and then off to Hyde Park I went to hang out with friends, knit and watch movies. The Cookster and fiance have one of thoce dance machine pads where you watch the tv and hit the arrows on the pad when it tells you to, it's my little secret, but it was actually fun! I can see being addicted to it. Back to the Target thing, I go to pick up drugs, socks and the occasional movie or work shirt, but I don't get the big families who go and make it the high event of the weekend. Do you really need all 20 members of your extended family to go shopping for cat litter and cheap shoes? And why do they have to stand in their posse in the middle of the aisles, what the hell? I did manage to get a good parking spot, which near to impossible, get in and out in 30, plus I picked up a cup of coffee!

Friday, December 03, 2004

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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Busy Little Bee

How fast time is flying by. Been at the job a full week and I'm soooo tired. Due to the ignorance of my new bosses, they scheduled me a whole day of overtime!!Yea. Sure I was tired as can be, I really, REALLY like my weekends off, there's something about having two days off in a row. eThere is so much more going on downtown. Last weekend they made it snow in the store, every hour on the hour, forget what time it is? the very loud Edward Scissorhands musical can easily remind you! On saturday I saw that american idol singer, Kimberly Locke, and from people I talked to, her practice in the morning sucked and she was off-key, but through about four walls and from my office/cave, not bad. Next week the Donald we be here, yes, that's the Donald as in the Trump, something about promoting his new perfume/cologne. Why you ask did I say perfume/cologne and not one or the other, because I don't know, his bottle sucked, looks very dated and 80's and the scent was one step above the stench coming from the homeless guy sitting behind me on the train home tonight. But it will be exciting. The german holiday market opened downtown, I look forward to it every year, reminds me of my childhood in germany, plus the hot spiced Glog is quiet yummy and when drinking from the decorative mug, it looks all innocent on the train.