Friday, August 19, 2005

Silk Corset

Just finishing up with the silk corset, not sure what's taking longer, the knitting or the sewing of buttons. Preliminary try-ons show this is a very fitted item for me and damn, I've got big hips. You'll have to be someone special to get a private viewing, eh? More pics to come when completely finished. The yarn is form Tess Desinger Yarns, half silk half wool in pale pink, buttons are round pearls in pale pink form Tender Buttons on the La-Di-Da shopping area on Oak St. here in Chicago. And if you know me at all it shouldn't surprise you that I've re-inforced the buttons by hand stitching in matching pink ribbon and pink silk thread a stabilizer in back, plus baby buttons to top it all off. It's all in the details right?

Hey Ya'll

Your Linguistic Profile:

70% General American English

15% Yankee

10% Dixie

5% Upper Midwestern

0% Midwestern

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Good Mail Day

A good mail day means, no bills in mailbox, only a Netflix movie and job response. The DVD is for the Dune remake in case anyone wants to know. The job response is a letter, which I think is a very nice think to do, from the CHS (wasn't sure if they ever got my resume and the job is no longer posted so I was wondering) It was short and to the point, that my resume was recieved and passed on the the supervisor of collections and curatorial affairs department, good luck etc. Very nice I'd say. Also applied for a job at an asian artifact gallery/collection in my neighborhood, very la-di-da, no word yet, and friend non-black Linda (there's two Linda's I know and Linda 1 only wears black, it's not a racial thing) at the big D ask the HR person about my resume and he said it was under review, good. I still and more massively hate my job, the evil company and the people I work with, I'm wilting like my neighbor's flowers in the heat, but not mine cause I water them everyday! Yes I'm very proud of my geraniums, they are still alive and thriving, they're starting their second bloom! And my basil, wow, it's growing like a weed but tastes much sweeter, this time I saved a lot of money by using seeds and getting the eating kind.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Nude / Solitude 2
(c) 2000 Roger Moore

While SOS all over the world means SOS, for me its 'Same Ole Shit', i.e. nothing fucking new. I sent my resume of to SG for a merchandising position, off to a temp agency roommate used, and talked to L the gardener about any contacts she might have in the Big D, I also reminded her that if I am hired by her company she gets a cash bonus, hint hint. K at SnB is the only person I know that I could buy stamps off of, so tomorrow I can snail mail my resume and cover letter to CHS, heard nothing yet from my e-mail to them. At least I'm doing something about it, I guess. This weak is Stitches Midwest, its bigger than X-Mas for me, I'm guarenteed to find something I like, I do need to consider the funds and seriously think about what I can buy, maybe splurge at Habu? I wish the weather would cool off so I could wear my knitted corset that is just about done, halfway done with sleeve two then a little blocking (whats the use in bull blocking when its supposed to be extremely fitte) and then some handsewing of 20+ buttons etc. Its all in the details.

Cornflower, Turquoise, and Indigo

These are my favorite blue colors, and I'm feeling really blue right now. My life has no direction and I feel that without some kind of change I'm going to start to die inside. I have no love life, that usually brings some people joy. I absolutely hate my job and if I had any money saved up I would just quit it now even with no prospects. I don't like feeling so emotion about my job, its just a fucking job, but I want to perform my best and I feel like an actress with no audience. I can't find a fucking stamp anywhere, no one has one, I haven't bought them since they were 29 cents and apparently no one else has either. If I had a stamp I could mail my resume to the CHS as a follow-up to my e-mail. I haven't heard yet from a recruiter from the big D. I really am liking the idea of working for this type of company and I don't know why everything thinks I should only do creative jobs, I am both left and right brained, hell I almost went into the aerospace industry, if I could do it differently I would. I figured if I could find a job that did not use much of my creativity that it would start stockpiling up and eventually my creative juices would come back. I feel like crap. I want to cry. It's really just about money, well partially, I don't think they could pay me enough to stay at my job, but I would really like to make more money. It's extremely pathetic to think I am making less now than I did when I first got out of school. I need a vacation, now I think I'm ready for solitude more than anything. What is wrong with me? I just want to disappear.

Saturday, August 06, 2005


When I was a kid I used to visualize the calendar and the changing of the months/seasons as this large circle floating in space. The winter months were cool colors, blue and purple, spring and summer changed from pinks to greens and autumn was golds and reds. As the seasons change I could see myself standing on different parts of this circle and I could anticipate what was next and were I had been. It's very difficult to explain, I guess even as a kid I was a little weird. Well right now the colors are green but you can tell the autumn is just around the corner and everything is about to burst into brown and red and that the weather is about to change to. The hard thing is I want it to happen now, I can't wait, I'm always the first person to put on the first sweater of the season. This brings me to a conversation I've had with my friend Mary at work. She's been invited to several baby and bridal showers lately by friends she had in college and has a little problem, there are friends there that she doesn't want to communicate anymore with. She says that they were close in school but have since grown apart and don't really talk anymore, and when they do see each other at events they pretend to be friends. She says she feels obligated to still communicate with these people, but why I ask? You've grown apart and friendship is a two way road. I have a similar problem. I have this friend from high school, I would call her my best friend, she knows me the best over all others and I trust her with any person information, but she's no longer there for me. There used to be a time when we would talk every night on the phone, hang out everyweek end, but now, not much anymore, and I can't say its from my part. I would call all the time, hey what's up, want to come to the city, let's do something, etc. but nothing. It's not that I won't go to suburbia to hang out, I would if invited, and watching a movie and doing our nails is fun enough. So how do you know if a relationship is on the wanning end of things, really to go puff like a candle flame. It's a sad thing, and not be sound like a dork, wbut we change as the seasons change, what goes around comes around,a nd you never know what's right around the corner.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005


There's something about the way you feel when you are ahead of a trend, idea or just hit coolness on the nose. Not that I feel that way often, I have however had some really good design ideas that I've seen become popular and trendy. My secret current coolness products are 1. Beeman's Chewing Gum, 2. Chocolate Necco Wafers, 3. Benefit Lip/Check Tint. I've recently and happily discovered that you can get Beeman's at Walgreen's, Chocolate (the multi flavor is OK) Necco Wafers at JoAnn Fabrics of all places, and well the lip/check tint anywhere. Yummy! I love the way Beeman's gum leaves my breath smelling, very nostalgic, kind of cool, much funkier than nasty ole wintergreen. The lip/check tint is the end product of trial and error when looking for lipstick. I am a lipstick whore. When I'm having a crappy day and if I have a credit on my MF card, I get lipstick. I hate how it wears off so fast, I dislike that 'long-wearing' crap, and decided a base coat or two of some kind of lip stain would be the trick! At first I bought some lip stain from this he-bitch at Stila, while I really do like their stuff and they lipstain came in several colors, the application wand was stiff and difficult to get the product on my lips, I honestly couldn't tell if I was coloring my lips with the stain or they were turning red from the pain of the applicator. So, I did something I have only done two times in my life, I returned used cosmetics! On the upside, when I went to the Benefit counter to try the liptint, I got a free makeover, and I didn't even have to ask for it, YEA!

Monday, August 01, 2005

Liquor and Fly Paper

Same old shit, nothing new. It's really sad that the most exciting thing in my life right now is the success of my two methods for catching flies around the house, liquor and fly paper. It turns out little baby flies like my kitchen in the summer, but not as much as they like a little drinky-drinky from my bottles of left out cider, at least they die happy! The big flies are better caught with fly paper, just hang one of those suckers about your sink and you're in business. Since my blog seems to sick lately and life is in a rut, I've been playing around with spiffing up the site. Figured out how to post pictures of my projects that I'm working on, I would like to add links to other blogs and websites I enjoy next, it just takes the right amount of boredom. If you can't control your real life, you certainly can control your blog life.

Sweet and Sucky

Third weekend in a row that I had to work, but I think this saturday I won out. Manager number 2 forgot to ask for the night off see he asked me to come in at 5 and I would only have to work till 8:30, but I would get paid for as if I came in at 12, and it's nce that it was a whole day of time and a half, sweet and sucky at the same time. Was in a crappy mood last night so I took a couple of Tylenol PM's, my drug of choice, and slept almost 12 hours, that felt good. Got up at 12:15, took a quicky shower, hair, face but no legs, and decided to take the Mo for a walk. I can get very lazy with her and let her out the front door long enough to do her business and that's it, but she got lucky and today, and got walked. But who really walked who? I went down a couple of streets that aren't normally on my route, and it was very, um therapeutic. The trees and flowers smelled good, brought back memories of family bike rides at dusk, back in the days, and going by the neighborhood pool and scent of chlorine brought back memories of goiing to the kiddy pool when I was a tot visiting my grandparents. I felt so good when I got home I wrote up a rather good cover letter and sent it off with my resume to the CHS(the local historical society), the job has my name all over it. We shall see. I did mention to manager number 2 that I wanted more money, at least 16 and he said how about 15 and that he might talk to our HR, but he's the perfect example of the absent minded professor, and nothing will come of it I'm sure. Right now the only things I have to look forward to are Stitches Midwest and the release of the next book in the Outlander series, YEA!! Oh well, things seem to be on the turn.