Wednesday, July 27, 2005

40g's, No Bonus and Three Weeks

Alot of shit to go over. Inventory at work is done, it's so fucking done it made the auditor cry. Our store has about 40 mil in merchandise, the accepted loss for this size of a store is less than 50 thousand. When I left work of monday, the auditor was teary-eyed (which must be hard for a cold-hearted person like that) because our loss was done to 7 thousand. I had tuesday off, but when I got to work today, I found out we not in the negative anymore, but at plus 1800!!! That's pure amazing since last year they (I wasn't here at the time) they had to do two inventories and ended up negative 90g's. So wouldn't you think there would be some thank-you, bonus, compensation for all my fucking hard work? Remember this is the company that put in my review that it was bad of me to be 'too detailed', which I might probably saved our ass this year, no nothing, no raise, no thank-you not even the crapy 'company' money which we can use to buy merchandise through the company. THIS SUCKS! On top of it, my room mate who has no degree was just offically hired at her company as an admin and is making 40 thousand a year! The injustice of the world. I still have my resume with them but apparently they are VERY SLOW. I hate her. On the upside the big knitting convention is in three weeks, unfortunately I have little money to spend there, because I am an under-paid slave. Right now life is at the bottom of the curve, crappy job, no love life and a car that is slowly lossing the battle with rust. It feels like shit when you know you have so much potential, I know I could do just about anything if someone gave me a chance, agh! I looked at Tiffany's job site and they still have an opening for the visual merchandise coordinator, would be awesome in that, there's a potential job at the Historical Society, I could go back into museum work, that would be awesome, but I bet they are cheap bastards. Why won't mister right come buy, sweep me off my feet, buy a cute house in Lincoln Park and let me play with paint chips all day?

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Lucky Watch

In February at our store's belated holiday party I got lucky. I bought to raffle tickets, it was the best two bucks I ever spent and I won a $1200 watch. It's a really heavy fucking watch, it's a gents' automatic Tag Heuer. So I wore it all through the winter and spring but once summer hit, its been way to hot, so I've been wearing my old watch. I have no idea where I put it, it's around somewhere. Yesterday I couldn't find it so I wore my lucky tag as I call it now. After work I met up with Rachel at Argo Tea around 5:30, we were going to the Pritz Pav to see the free concert they do every friday at 6:30. But since we were right by the Borders at State st, I suggested we go in because I know they do a raffle for severly-reduced priced tickets to Wicked. They only have 20 to give away, you have to be right there when they pull your ticket and have a id really, its really quite brutal, you get about 10 seconds to show up and can only get 2 tickets. It was our lucky day and Rachels name was pulled! You thought Charlie was excited about that golden ticket, ya should have seen Rachel. The tickets cost us 25 bucks each, what a deal, they originally sold for 85, and tkcet brokers are selling our exact seats for 306, holy shit! We had enough time to walk to the Weber Grill, we had drinks at the bar and ate there too, what a great burger! Yummy. I had them substitute my fries for the garlic mashed potatoes, I was in heaven. What a great night, it's a good way for me to relax because I have to work the whole weekend, it's inventory time!!! I have to be at work at 10 today, probably until 6 I would imagine, and tomorrow I have to be there at 6, yes 6 in the fucking morning, on the up side meter parking is free on sundays and my odds of getting a space are damned good.

Friday, July 15, 2005


I feel weird, kind of shitty, yet it's a friday, oh yea, that's right, I have to work tomorrow and sunday, yuck. Though, on the other hand, time and a half is very nice. I actually didn't have to work today untill 12, took a half day because I'm be doing 8 days in a row, I even left early for the doctors visit. The doc was nice, got a 12 month prescription this time, did a blood draw, over all I feel very proactive towards my health, but you know visiting the doctor still makes you think about your own mortality. Meat the Rach and her 'special friend' otherwise known as a FMB or 'friends with benefits', and later roomie joined us at Millenium Park for the free classical concerts they have every friday at the really cool Pritzker Pavilion, a poor mans Ravinia. They must water the grass alot to keep it green in this drought. Last week my bottle of deo from Tom's of Maine broke, it was a roll on in a glass bottle, so I thought I would try their stick, whoa I'm stinky in the summer, it does not seem to work the same, a good excuse for a Whole Foods run. Enough of this prattle, it doesn't seem to do me any good tonight. Really fucking wish Bewbit could remember how to use a fucking phone!!!

Monday, July 11, 2005

Mo and Pie

Oh, Wisconsin!

A few belated pictures from the ride up to the campsite from Memorial Day Weekend.

So Much in One Week

Where to start? I just refilled my meds online at, it was the coolest and fastest thing, it even tells you when it will be ready, in two hours for me. I need to go mail my grandma her belated birthday gift, well not really belated as I bought it for her before her birthday but am a lazy git and am just now mailing it, one month later. Had to work Saturday, that sucked, went out aftewards to hang out at Rach's place until my roommate got off work, we were to meet u at Iggy's for chow. Made a visit to Myopic and picked up the first three books in the Dune series. I recently netflixed the Children of Dune mini and am totally addicted to it! The food at Iggy's was good, the fucking martini's were 10 bucks each, on the up side the bartender knew how to make my signature drink the Sidecar. It's very important to have a signature, it makes you cool, I hope. Sunday was a lazy day, finally went to see the new Batman movie, I was pleasently surprised at how good it was, I don't feel like I wasted too much money on that flick. Been knitting away....On wednesday a whole big grou of us had tickets for Ravinia to see Allison Krauss, it was so much fun, very relaxing and the music was great of course. I feel so naughty, I was out late on a school night and all. Hehe. Tried my hardest to get Bewbit to come, she's my anti-social pro-burb buddy who likes to hide in her dark cave of a bedroom. I soo wanted her to come out and play with my friends and do something that people are age do. Work still sucks, and will continue to suck until I gt a new one. I got a olite little letter from the blue box jewelry store saying thank-you but they decided to go with someone else. As m,uch as I want to say that sucks, I'm not really bummed. It would have been as prestigeous as all hell, but I would have to work more weekends and frankly I hate retail and all the smoke and mirrors it contains, plus they only allow you to wear their own jewelry and I am so proud of my new Mikimoto pearl studs. I'm still waiting from the big DT company, right now a simple 9-5 office job that does not require too much from me would be nice, no more nights or weekends, more money? and more time to maybe take that guitar class I've always wanted at Old Town School of Folk Music. They are very slow to contact you so my freind seeyz.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Ding, Ding, Ding

I love that jingle you get when someone has left a message in your voicemail, it saved my life and I found my phone!YEAAA. Do you think I can play dumb to the fact that it was my roommate that left the message wanting me to either pick her up at the airport or tell her the bus schedule to she can take the bus four blocks up the street to the house. Normally I wouldn't mind picking her up at the airport, bur I like a little notice so we can plan, it's not easy to find someone at O'hare, it's a big fucking airport and they don't like people sitting in their cars for long amounts of time. I like to lan these things in advanced, I think it's polite especially if someone is doing you a favor, now I'm getting pissy. I will of course have to pick her up since she drove me when I went to Canada, ugh. I have finally started to put stuff in my knitting journal, all I need now is color ink to print out the pictures of the finished items. Lazy and cheap I is.

Happy 4th, Now Where's My Phone?

I love my cell phone, it's not that I talk on all the time, I only use about 300 minutes a month, but I love the freedom from a landline, unfortunately I have lost said cell phone. So, if anyone out there that I know reads this today call me, and if I don't answer or if some stranger does, e-mail me. I went to my tmobile account site and it shows my last call at 11:38 last night, so I know I didn't leave it at the taste, probably in my car somewhere, humf. Yea, did the patriotic thing and saw the fireworks with a friend, what a mob it was, it's been awhile since I've seen so many people around, we were really bad and snuck the Mona into the park, I didn't know dogs weren't allowed until we got there. It was fun, but filled with stupid people wearing really bad fashions, ugg. Later this week a big group of us are going to Ravinia, which is a very nice outdoor music venue which you have to pay to get in, unlike last night, plus it's being in the northshore eliminates the riff-raff that you don't want bothering you, what a snob I am! So here are the pics from last night taken by your's truely.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Saturday, July 02, 2005

The One Week Blanket

This is the baby blanket that I made for my best friend when we lived in Germany together as kids. It took me one week, 7 skeins of Koigu KPPPM and a set of size 7 needles.

Congrats to Amira

I'm well known for my hummus, I love it and it loves me and I make a damn good homemade batch for any occasion and non-occasion. I'm sorry to anounce my faithful little black Cuisinart chopper has died. It was the best tool for making hummus, I was dumb-founded when I realized I did not have to hand grind the chickpeas but could use this handy gadget. The recently departed was a gift from my sisters, the cheap bitches, they went in on it! So, not to have to go through a summmer without my hummus, I broke down and got one at work, what a deal I got! This Cuisinart chopper is a little bigger at a capcity of 3 cups, was origianly selling at 49.99, on sale for 39.99, I had a 15% coupon and with my 15% employee discount, how could I pass up a deal like that? So tonight I cracked open the box only to find a bridal shower card inside addressed to someone named Amira, and signed from Sarah Rose. I could tell the chopper was never taken out of the box, but it was so funny to see that card inside, how could you not want a chopper? On another note, I got a check from Nina for the sale of two of my crystal stitch marker sets! WEEEEEE! I was so excited, so I made some more. My new line of artisan stitch markers are a little lower in price and one design that I have high hopes for use those little white beads with the letters on them and I have spelled out some useful terms that a beginning knitter would fine very useful to have on a stitch marker. I also made a couple of keychains that had knitting terms printed on a special to secret material. She loved both ideas and we talked about making some knitting related jewelry, which is right up my alley.....I have some things to work on this holiday weekend. Oh and when I was there she told me she had sold a third set! She is a really nice person and I love her shop. She might have some competition, but not much I think from a new yarn store opening a couple of miles away. I talked to Karen who is opening Knit1 in a few weeks and that looks to be a very interesting yarn store. I think its more geared to professionals who like to knit because her hours will be as late as 9 in the evening, and she'll have mostly small yarn companies and alot of unusal fiber mixes and hand-dyed stuff. We talked about the posibilities of my teaching and it all sounds good.