Monday, June 27, 2005

Not Quite a Tie

I saw a couple of movies this weekend. After said baby shower I hung out at Bewbitts house, went to Stake and Shake, yummy yummy chicken fingers and cheese fires, and then went to see a movie. Saw Bewitched, it was cute, though Nicole Kidman's voice was a little strange, she was talking in a whisper/soft voice thing, very annoying. Yesterday I went to Oak Park and saw for free, Cinderella Man. Free because I filled up my punch card from the theater for every movie I see. Seeing the movie made me think, Cinderella Man is very much like Seabiscuit because they are movies set in the depression and are about the little guy getting a second change and supposedly inspiring the nation, etc.....But, Seabiscuit is sooooo much better! The book was a great read and I didn't think it would be that good, I highly recommend it, the author's writing style was wonderful and totally engrossed you into the story. It's just the way that it was filmed, the still photos from that era that were used and the use of a narator, whose name I can't remember but is well known for documentaries was clever. Besides my family likes the ponies, hell my great uncle even wrote books about horseracing strategy!

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Ahhhh, Finished!

The baby blanket was finished on saturday with enough time to spare to allow me to take a shower and get dressed. All in all, I really liked the pattern, the color I ended up with was P837 Koigu KPPPM, it was a nice bit of color amidst all the baby blue and yellow crap she got. I was weird though, we haven't seen each other in 15 years, I remember as a kid, and now she's having a baby. It was strange being there, it was mostly her family, her sister who was my sisters best friend,they look like twins, they both have what I call the baby bloat, when women who have kids get fat. I think if she and her husband moved to Chicago after she gets out of the military it would be great, we could very easily become friends again. Through out the whole event I caught her mother looking at me, I'm wondering if she was comparing me to what my parents looked like. On the up side, my friend has alot of lines around her eyes, which totally makes me feel good because I don't. I sent off a thank0you e-mail to the guy who intterviewed me on thursday from T&C, I really wrote to send him one of the contact info for a reference. I need to get ahold of number three reference who was a former manager of mine, last I heard he was an assitant manager for Yves Saint Laurent, I hope he still is because that sounds so cool! I answered a posting for a knitting instructor at a new yarn store opening up here, maybe I can make a few bucks for my scooter fund. Going to have to ebay the Dasko shoes I bought and craigs list the A/C since no one from my SnB group is interested, and if I sell my books at the used bookstore, I'll be rolling in the dough!

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Beyond Martha

Watch out Martha Stewart, I could kick your ass in the fix-your-wash-machine contest. I did a stupid stupid thing, I did laundry today. General rule when it comes to fuzzy fluffy bathroom mats, they shed in the wash. Sheding in the wash leads to water not draining and the pipes clogging. But I'm a visual person and was watching what the repair guy did when he was here last summer fixing the same problem.....I'm awesome! I fixed it, yea, so what if I flooded the bathroom with a little water, that's easy to clean, at least it wasn't a bleach load! I just saved my landlord about a hundred bucks!
Back to the job thing. The interview went well, I think, I got a good positive vibe. I have untill next friday to find another, yes you heard right..... I have to admit I have my hesitations. Yea the prestige would be good, I'm sure the pay aint' too bad either, and the benefits weeeeee!, the downside, can't wear my own jewelry, only theirs (but I get a good discount), and the hours are 915 to 615, and I would have to work more weekend hours than I am now, and I hate retail, I really really do!! I'm hoping to get a call from the corporate place that looks fun, yet boring, filled with lots of men! and hopefully good pay. I don't know what to do......

Monday, June 20, 2005

Summer in the City

I was recently reading the blog of my friend Nora the suburbinite when I realized under by blog link she added updated rarely. Oye, it has been two months, times flown by. Same old shit been going on. Still hate my job, but today it's been like EUREKA! I had a call back on a resume I sent in by a certain jewelry company that likes to use the color blue alot, and an accounting firm that a couple friends work for. So we shall see, both positions look interesting and have room for movement. I would love to quit my job right before we have to do inventory ugh! and go see the grandmother for a couple of days. (because she's hip, cool, just turned 81 and I'm her favorite!) I went to Canada at the end of April, it was ok. I guess I don't like traveling by myself so much. The big thing on my mind is my best friend from childhood, Julie. We lived overseas together, her family was friends with mine, we did everything together, had the chickenpox on Halloween, learned to ski in Austria, got badges from going to London with the Girl Scouts, etc. Well I feel that compared to her, I'm behind in the game of life. She's married, I'm not, she's got a great job (albeit it is the air force), I hate mine and have to start over in a new comany and just last monday I got the invite to a baby shower. We haven't seen each other in 15 years, but remember those friends forever pendants of the heart broken in two pieces, we had that. So do I go or not? The invite said the shower was in July, but her sister just called and it was a misprint, its actually this saturday! I've always wanted to make the Koigu baby blanket in the first SnB book, yes it is exensive, but I love it, the yarn, and it is my childhood best friend....I guess I'm apprehensive because of being judged. They haven't seen me in so long and right now I am so fat and ugly! Ick. What do they say if they ask if I have a boyfriend-I don't have one, what do I do-slave for the company, oh and hey look at my 10 year old car that's beginning to show rust and because I get paid a pittance (good use of a vocab word) can't afford a new or even used one. But hey, I did go to a kick ass college that sounds great to brag about. I need to get a manicure and pedicure this week, the car needs to be washed and clean and I need to find something cute to wear that one make me look to fat, well at least if they get nosey I can tell them "I have a condition" which is true and leave it at that!