Tuesday, May 30, 2006

HeHe, You Would Too...

Incest at Work

So I heard that the principal in the Breakfast Club died, bummer, that was my favorite movie in highschool and it was considered old then, gosh, I just realized that movie is over 20 years old. So some work news, our new ops manager is Dougie-Wuggie. So Doug is a really nice charming southern gay guy that started working as a sale person when I was at my other store. He also turned out to be best friends with the bitch manager and the partner to my regional, very incestuous place huh? He transferred to another store after finding it difficult to work and play with the same people. He was a sales person at this other location, then left to work for another company, was lured back to the other location to be a ops manager, transferred to another store as the store manager and now is transferring to my store to my ops manager, crap. Well Mary, my partner in crime at work, aka the merchandise assistant gave her two weeks, I hope now the comapny realizes that somethings rotten in the state of Denmark. 1 month, if I can hold of for at least one more month, I can really fuck with them and be the cherry on the cake and screw them good. Ahhhh, I'll be damned if I'm training anymore people to be my boss. Am I upset I was not asked, no, not really, I've come to realize that this is a game of chess to the company, they're wanting to surround head boss, keep him on his toes or force him out. Oh yea, turns out the ops manager was barely making 35,000, cheap effing company.
So I finished the back of the butterfly sweater, so its down hill form here, just have to do the sides, join and make the collar! The call went out for submissions for the new SnB book, it's designed to be more advanced so I'm going to retool my Urban hat pattern, make it with two colors and submit it. Thats it.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Misslunablu's Real Blue

I took a mental health day today, something I've been needing for the past week. It was the first time I didn't feel guilty for not being at work. My knitdrive has been broken for awhile but I think I fixed it and now I'm producing again. The next month and a half are going to be quite rocky for me, so if my blogging stops for a while that's why. I've tried to keep the writing to the knit in my life, but I find that the desire to bitch about work has come up again, so I'll just let a little out and let it be. My Operations Manager has resigned, things have gotten so bad that she's leaving and doesn't even have another job lined up. My co-worker who works with the merchanidise was offer the job (she didn't take it) instead of me, who works with the operations (a logical selection you would think), but I guess speaking up and asking questions that need to be asked but no one wants to address has labeled me a trouble maker. Basically if I were paid alot more it would be so much easier to turn my eyes form all the crap I see, but they don't so I speak up. It's ok though, I've lined up a temp agency so I can just get out of there. I am not a happy person right now and I feel sorry for my friends for seeing me like this, but I'm trying hard, looking at my choices, have a great friend to talk to, so I feel that things hard looking better, it's just going to be awhile.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

If Only.

If I only had enough money I would quite my job and take a pay cut so I could do this all day. Pictures from my Lorna's Laces tour with Linda.
Ahhhh yarn! I was a bad girl, but not as bad as Linda!!