Sunday, February 13, 2005

Traditional bagpipes found in every Chicago parade! Posted by Hello

Dragon Dance Posted by Hello

Year of the Dragon

I finally went to China Town for the New Year's parade. I've always wanted to go and since my regular friends refer to isolate themselves in the burbs and drown in depression, new roommie had to do. We had a great time in the drizzle, I bought some bamboo in the prettiest ceramic vase that was totally cheap and ate at Three Happiness. The food was ok, I prefer my favorite Orange Garden, they only use white chicken meat, no yucky grisely dark bits in their chicken fried rice, yum! The one good thing at the restaurant was the mixed drinks with names like the Zoombie were only 4.50, they were very strong with a slight medicinal taste. Cheap fast buzz guaranteed!

Friday, February 11, 2005

Bad, Bad Girl

So my co-worker Mary and I were bad, bad girls. We have a bit of history. While I've only been at this location for two months, we realized early on that we used to work for companies that shared the same floor in a building, that we knew each other's bosses, both of our bosses are fucking crazy and the companies sucked. So basically we are both a we bit bitter about the industry we work in and the lack of money we make know then we did before. So we did something naughty, not quiet illegal, but slightly ethically wrong. Today was payday and we get our paychecks sent via UPS, they are green and white and have squiggles so you can't see through, or can you... we got a bit of the devil in us and got curious about how much our bosses and the asses that make stupid commands and drive us crazy's amazing who well a flashlight work. I won't talk about the gory details, but I am way underpaid! It's the lowest I've ever made including my paid internship. Now I have to work tomorrow and be there to close our department, me, no manager, because technically I will be the manager and I have the power to do whatever I want, so why the hell can't I be paid accordingly????????????????????????????
Fuck it and fuck the system, it sucks and they don't care.

I think I want to go to Europe this spring, not sure where, maybe London.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

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Crappy Ass Day

Yup, it was a crappy ass day at work, so bad in fact the head manager1 commented on it. The one thing I hate about my job is that sometimes there is no visible sign that I've done anything, and that sucks. How do you explain to someone the amount of time it takes to fix the stupid fucking mistakes of others including manager2. By the way I have 3 managers, and I'm in no-mans land half manager position, the pay is shit and not worth the aggrevations. Lucky me has tomorrow off! Not to too excited about, trade-off is I work saturday. Eh, its nice to have a break in the middle of the week, keeps you refreshed I guess. The plan is tomorrow to work on my crystal stitch markers prototype, label and packaging, buy digital camera, hang out with best friend if she wakes up in time, maybe go to Ikea to return crappy stuff, go to popular mexican restaurant, Wholly Frijoles and then watch tv. Of course said itinerary is always open for change. Had a great SnB session tonight, hanging out with the gals and just relaxing totally took my work induced headache away and was nice to practice ones social skills occasionaly. Right now I'm chilling with David Gray on my ipod speaker, have the candles burning and debating the choice for dinner, ramen noodles (chicken of course) or frozen dinner. If I had milk I would make tortellini and yummy sauce. Ramen noodles it is!

Monday, February 07, 2005

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Off We Go

So I had the most unusual conversation with republican roomie the other night. I don't recall what brought the subject up, but she stated she wondered why the USA never got foreign aid. Now, I don't mean give, but receive. Her examples were for the mudslides, hurricanes, 911, and the floodings we have. What the hell!? I asked her if she thought Germany she send us money and why since we have one of the wealthiest economies etc and would have lots of money to help our own people if we didn't waste it elsewhere. It's amazing that they kind find plenty of money for war, but money for schools is, hell no! Work is ok. I think I'm really serious this year abut taking a trip to England/Scotland, figure I could just go it alone. I can't wait around forever for my aunt to get her act together or for my friends to save a little moula. I think I can do it cheap, going the whole Rick Steve's route, but not as nerdy of course. Big toe is much better, the puss/red uckiness is gone and now I have a stubby pathetic toenail. Hopefully come pedicure season I have a decent looking nail to be groomed. Maybe in time for the eurotrip.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

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Friday, February 04, 2005

Agree to Disagree

New roomies a republican!! That was the one thing we didn't talk about during our little visit/interview, agh! This little bit of information was discovered the other night during Bush's State of Disunion speech, oye vey I say. I guess she already I figured out that I was a demmie when she saw the bumpersticker on my car. Why yes I bought the bumpersticker, it was a moment of weakness at an art fair last summer, by then I already had fears of the outcome and thought my silly dollar donation would help, but to be honest I told, I don't really like bumperstickers and only used this on to cover the huge amount of paint peeling of the bumper of my care. Safe to say we agreed to disagree. All else is well, she walks the dog for fun, and already that is great! Now I thought the work week was supposed to start off bad and get better the closer you go to friday, was this week the week of everything going ass backwards? This week sucked and I was so fucking glad to get out this evening! I want nothing more to watch tv/movies, knit and hibernate tonight. I think I'm finally ready to conquer the last bit of the green sweater that I've lazingly putting off for just about forever. I think A couple of tylenol PM's have my name on them......yum.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

NOT My Foot!! My toes are shorter and my ingrown is far worse! Posted by Hello

What a Pain

Tomorrow I have yet another appointed with the foot doctor. I have an ingrown gone bad, very very bad. It hurts like hell to wear a shoe so I wear this medical foam shoe that allows the wee piggies to wiggle freely, ahhh freedom. I'm fairly sure the doc will take or the other part, of the nail, not the toe. On the sunny side, some guy let me have his seat on the train when he saw my funky medical foot, that like never happens here, make those pregnant ladies old grannies stand! (not me, I would give up my seat anytime) Been knitting up a storm, but not accomplishing anything, just keep starting new projects because I get so excited with the yarn and patterns....Oh!