Tuesday, April 04, 2006

And Now the Highs..

Mysterious free internet is back, got an e-mail from the HR in the company I would LOVE to work for asking me how much I currently make (this is good news) and its B-Day. PS the dog did not piddle on the floor today, just on her peepads! (this is good for the wood floors and my nerves) Will let you know how the rest of the day proceeds after my Stitch N Bitch group tonight.

Monday, April 03, 2006


Can it, could it get any worse? It's not my fault that my blogging has slowed down, my free mystery server is down, hopefully not for long, or else my visits to Panera and Argo ar going to be more frequent. I hate toting my laptop around, it's big, heavy and expensive, ugh. So anyway, could it get any worse. My evil malicious manager took away my offices keys, what the fuck? great, so I'm no to be considered management, hello asshole, I never was. It's not my fault I know the computers, it's not my fault you're never around to help the staff and they come to me, it's not my fault I know alot about jewelry. I hate this company. Well, I'm no longer closing that means I can catch up on Wednesday night tv, YEA! Ok, so the worse part, they finally filled the #2 manager position, with my ex-evil bitch boss from the other store. I need a new job, so hey, if you can help, give the girl a hand. I'm upset that after a lot of work trying to not bitch about work on my blog, I am again. ick. The knitting front is slow right now, still working on the butterfly Noro sweater, I really should channel the negative energy into knitting, I bet I could get alot done. Also, all this crap at work has made it the work birthday ever.