Sunday, January 30, 2005

Lazy Ass Bum

Yup, that's what I am. Well, new roomie moved in yesterday, that went well and so far we haven't killed each other, weeee!!! The procrastinator in me waited till the last minute to paint the trim, so that's what I was doing late Friday evening. A little tip out there to cat owners, even if the cat sits back and just watches, they will eventually jump on newly painted trim and track little white paw prints everywhere. So here's my dilema, a sold a watch to friend, it was a free watch that I won, but the mom loved it and they got a good deal, so do I buy a inexpensive digital camera, that I badly need, of a bottle of perfume from Tiffany and Co., that I badly want? The prob is they're the same cost and I want both. I could just get the camera and just be a bitch and keep going into T&C for for free samples. So that's it, I'm back!

Refreshed, AHHHH It's So Good

So sorry. I'm a lazy bum. I've been going through my normal days knowing I need to update my blog, heck I even write it in my head, but then I get lazy and here I am. So what's been going roomiw moved in yesterday, she's very nice, and totally normal, how refreshing. Been doing lots of knitting, but instead of finishing one project I've started several. But I'm turning my attention away from hats and mittens to actual real projects, like sweaters! WEEEEE Work has calmed down, well as much as possible, it will be interesting to see how my job will morph. So that's it for now, yes I'm back!