Monday, March 14, 2005

I Want a Raise!!! Posted by Hello

Just a Little Look..

...I have filled in for the lack of assistant managers numerous times to the point that my own set schedule was severly altered from the one I was promised and given at the time of hire. I have also been asked to cover the floor more during our long stretch of being short-staffed. ...I believe I brought my attention to detail to the ***** ******Store when I transferred in the middle of November 2004. While transferring stores right before the holiday season is a rough thing to do, I believe I weathered the transfer well and have settled in and learn the slightly different processes at this location fairly well. I understand that the title of Operations Clerical is the only way that ******* has to give to one in my position; I do not believe it truly or accurately describes the multifaceted functions of what I do and demeans the job and my work. I support the management; it is a harder thing to do at this large store especially since the group office is also here, which puts us under closer scrutiny. My attendance has been great, I have taken very few days off and have not exceeded my vacations days, I have never been out sick that I am aware off. During the holiday season I was a great team player, taking a variety of shifts given and the constant change in opener/closer days. While my punctuality still needs improving, it has greatly benefited me to transfer to a location closer to home. I am concerned in the inconsistent time used to judge lateness. It is common in everyday life to have a variety of reasons one is not at the job as the clock strikes 8 AM, at some locations anything past 10 minutes is considered late and everything before is not, here that is not the case. For the days that I am not at work at exactly 8, I have taken the initiative to stay late and make up the time, I rarely take my two 15 minute breaks given to me each day, and have been known to skip lunch during the busier seasons. I would ask that this dedication be taken in for consideration.
This job is part Assistant Manager/ Returns Manager/Customer Service Rep/Retail Third Keyholder and anything else that comes my way. My career goal is to go in the direction of buyer/visual merchandiser, and I would like every opportunity there is to proceed in that field. My position never receives bonuses that are available to managers or very rarely the sales incentives that sales associates on the floor receive. At this time I believe a pay increase would not only reflect my previous work history and dedication to the job and company, it would also reflect my value to the company and what those in similar positions make.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Feeling Really Great Now, Ugh!

It is the time of the self review in my company. I've come to realize it's all a mind game, do you right down what you believe is the truth, or do you write what they want to hear? To back up my demands for a better raise then the 31 cents I got last year I went and printed out the Base Salary of three positions that together make up my job, I have hopes that that my diligent research will benefit me. It kinda sucks that my rommate with no degree, ( I have an Associates, a Bachelors and a certificate) makes more than I do and she's just temping!! So at the bottom of the last page they give about half the sheet for comments and feedback, I skipped that and took 1.5 hours to write and revise a kick ass letter, Yeeee!

Deep Dark Secret Passion

So after work on friday I trotted over to an off the rack store and found myself looking at the ponchos. Why? Dunno. I've always been fascinated by them, wish I had one, but fear the plump-girl-shouldnt-wear-ponchos look, ugh. Did you know they come in sizes? I thought the idea was that they were to be big and hang, but apparently not. But today while surfing I came across the pattern for Martha's Poncho, and I hate to admit it, but I really want to make it. There are of course several reasons why I shouldn't, 1. I hate cheap the cheap acrylic yarn that it's made from, 2. I haven't followed a crochet pattern if ever in a long long time, and 3. It will make me look even fatter than I feel. I am soooo bored. There's nothing on tv, of the three movies I rented last night all three sucked, but I did managed to get almost all the way through The Company. I want to go out, yet I don't. Going on means spending money, on 1. food, 2. gas, or 3. buying something. I wouldn't mind spending money on food if I had any friends that were also wanting to go out, :(. Bleeeee. I guess I could wathc a movie I already own, but I just finished TLOTR trilogy this morning, I guess I'll dig around for something else. I'm about halfway through Mona's newest dog sweater, it's made of sock yarn I hand-dyed at Cookie's Dying Party last December, it turned kind of bubblegum pink meets easter in it's look, but great for a doggie sweater. I don't follow a pattern, just knit for an inch and try it on her, so far it's the best one yet in fit, the thing the dog doesn't know yet, is it's going to be long sleeves! No jokes now! Have you ever seen a small dog shiver? It's truely funny and sad. So I guess that's it for the day. Might be nice to grab a bite to eat with Lieb and Bewbitt on their ride back into the city tonight should the Bewbitt ever decide to call her very good friend and explain why she spent a week with her sister Leib in the city and did not call or come by once to hang out. Missy Blu is very sad :(

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Oh Canada! Posted by Hello


I'm looking forward to my trip, but not looking forward to diping into my savings to pay for it, so I've decided to explore the world of ebay and sell a bunch of junk. I've listed a used bottle of Tiffany and Co. perfume, because you know it would look cool on your dresser and wouldn't cost as much, and my hand made artisan crystal stitch markers, ahhhh... I'm looking around my house thinking of what else I don't need, um, haven't used that silk screen squeegee silk art school, that formal I bought at Lord and Taylor hasn't seen much wear lately and that ugle beaded jewelry from Africa that my boss gave me....maybe that will be the next sacrifices.

Thanks! Posted by Hello


Kudos to my friend Schecki out there, not only did this totally cool compu-geek (that's a compliment) fix my side bar problem in this here blog, but she's the most prolifent knitter I know, MY HERO!

Friday, March 04, 2005

Beware oh Canada!

I've done it, I've bitten the bullet and just went ahead and bought the tickets. So with my Fodor's and Dummie book in one hand and my birth certificate and driver's license in the other, I'm off to Canada for vacation. Yes, that's right, it's my first vacation in I don't know how long that didn't include visiting a relative. The best part is I'm going solo. I'll be staying at a really cool and totally cheap B&B in Montreal called Hotel Residence Voyageur (how appropriate!) and in Quebec at La Maison Ste-Ursule. I'm so excited about this trip. I'm being even bolder and decided to take the train between the two cities. Canada is such the perfect place for me, its colder, kinda like Europe, subtract 20% off for the exchange rate and keep your receipts to get your 15% tax back, weeeee!